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The Way to Get Emerald on an Emulator

Have you ever lost or damaged a Pokémon Emerald cartridge? Have you gotten tired of this sport because you can't catch all of them? Maybe you have wanted to play with some of the classic Pokémon games? This article will teach you how to play Pokémon Emerald in your personal computer and use cheats to get the Pokémon you desire.


  •  Visual Boy Advance is a popular emulator. Visual Boy Advance can be found in
  • Download the Pokémon Emerald ROM. This ROM is found at
  • Run Visual Boy Advance. This is a .exe form file. If it requests to always pop up the Window, uncheck"Do not ask me Again".
  •  Then picked the ROM (Emerald). It will begin playing! You may want to go to Options>JoyPad>Configure>1 to know the Different controllers.
  • Now it'll say"Internal Battery has run'Dry', the game could be played," To fix that, go into Options>Emulator>Real-Time Clock and click on the R-Time Clock. Now close and repeat steps 3 & 4.
  • To add cheats, go to Cheats>Cheatlist and proceed to Gameshark, CodeBreaker or some other Option and Do what it says. Meaning put the code from the'Code Here' Section and put the title of this Code from the'Description'. To get codes, then visit and search up"Cheat codes for Emerald game shark".
  • Cheats mechanically are enabled after entered in. As in common sense, simply unclick the box to disable the Code. This is a great way to catch all Pokémon, JUST CHEAT.

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