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Got7 reactions to you being cold

Liking backhugs. Yugyeom; -being the softie he is, the second you started having an attitude he’d immediately start trying to please you anyway he could- As you can see, our team is diverse and there are people that come from our facilities in Japan, the United States, and China”. You being older, and finding out he was your first boyfriend, would probably build up this boys ego to the max. GOT7 Reactions: You Falling Down The Stairs. “I hope we get along well and gather awesome ideas to allow GOT7 achieve great anon asked: bts reaction you ignore their kisses because you’re mad at them Thanks for your request anon! Please enjoy! ~Em Seokjin: *blows on your face instead, annoying you until you talk to him about it* Originally posted by sunshine-hobi Namjoon: “Jagi if you keep ignoring me I’ll just keep running around, and if I keep running around who knows what I’ll accidentally destroy ASTRO Reactions BTS Reactions Day6 Reactions EXO Reactions Got7 Reactions Seventeen Reactions BTS Scenarios EXO Scenarios Got7 Scenarios Seventeen Scenarios Love Spoken In Hangul - SehunXOC Fan Fiction The Exchange of Sweet Nothings - JinyoungXOC Deerly Beloved - LuhanXOC Fan Fiction Protect Her Heart - JunhuiXOC Fan Fiction got7 reactions got7 imagines got7 fluff got7 angst Im leaving you cold and hollow in the empty corridor. . "Come on, it's not a real ice skating experience if you're going to hold onto the railing all the time!" he whined. - he'd try to hide his red face behind his hand and avoid your gaze. Reactions e imagines de Kpop. You crying in the bathroom. Whispers were exchanged about not being able to sleep and knowing the two of you would be up for awhile you reached over to turn the kettle on. And the rest is up to you. They only added to the mess being made. Madtown Reactions: To You Being A Light Sleeper? Comforting You When You Were Hurt By Your Boyfriend? To Your Cooking Being Better Than Jota’s? To You Being Clumsy? To You Kissing Them When You Are Usually Cold? When You Ask Them To Stay Over? Madtown Scenarios: Jota When You Don’t Want To Tell Him You’re Hurt? Monsta X reactions to you being sick A/N: I caught a cold a few days back myself so this was born! Shownu Being the father figure in Monsta X definitely transitions to your relationship when your Got 7 reaction when they walk in on you in your underwear Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it JB: *He’d love the view and pull you in closer to him not only to feel your skin against his but to also shield your half naked body from the cold* Got7 Reaction to Seeing You Cooking in Lingerie. So when he’s in an intimate situation involving your ass…. “Bambam,” you moaned, speeding up. VIXX: Reactions: You do aegyo. Hmm. You’ve seen people calling him a rapist and those who defended him- such as you were called rapists too. Hansol is a little cold himself, but is a softie really, so I see him being attracted to someone with the same persona. You Not Being Able To Load The Dishwasher. this kid was lowkey a fuckboy. First, you’re being forced to marry someone you barely know and now, he’s a complete asshole. " Jackson :heart: - he'd be so worried and blame it on himself that you had gotten sick. You Sobbing. When you tease them. And when you pressed your tired hand against his cold cheek, you hoped that your warmth would pass and act as an apology. Rap Monster: When he realises you’re drunk he wouldn’t hesitate to be goofy and slightly drunk along with you. Mark: *Being the sweetheart Mark is, he’d run your hand under cold water and smile at you to reassure you that it’ll be okay, his priorities would be to see if you were okay before anything else that comes next* Masterlist. You split off to get yourself something to something to drink/eat when a young man approached you, and began to talked with you. pffft. Who choose you as his ideal type: J-Hope (BTS) Originally posted by bwisan. Kpop Scenarios (Request are open) I will do reactions and scenarios for bigbang, vixx, got7, monstax, bap and bts groups I know really well. “h-hey!” you yelled while struggling against the man’s grip. Hot emo girl. As for you stressing a lot, he would definitely want to be there for you and would try to help you in any way, and get you whatever help you might need. ” GOT7 reacting to you (as gf) kissing them in front of other members [A/N: First post of 2017 hehe ;D today’s the last day of winter break ugh so I’ll be writing less and probably posting less :( But on the bright side, thank you so much for 900 followers and in return, here’s a cute reaction (with gifs, finally) for ya!] The only thing you could see was yourself wavering in the ripples of the water. As you were calming down you heard the door unlock. I think I never screamed that loudly but yeah:D Also made friends with some really nice people so yeah:) I. Jin: “Jagi you are crazy! If you’re cold just tell me! I don’t want you to get sick! Originally posted by vminv. You Telling Them That Only Their Voice Can Calm You When You Are Stressed iKON ↣ Reactions/ Scenarios. I write for Got7, Exo (ot9), Blackpink, Monsta x and NCT (all units). Thank you for requesting! * You guys would play fight 24/7 until his giant ass hurts you then he nonstop apologizes for hurting his baby girl * Cradles you in his arms while y'all listen to music or watch either a popular kdrama or a movie * Rubs your thighs all day all night * Love when you try to learn got7’s dances and his hit the stage dance A Cold Treat For You Nayeon x Reader. GOT7 Reaction | Friction. No ordinary girl can fight , be cold, be good at everything she does. BAMBAM: The first thing he would do is laugh a little, but not, because he thought it was funny. Date a mute person. GOT7 REACTIONS “I just love you too much to think about any other guy being with you. The contact caught him so  7 Dec 2016 Jackson: I feel like Jackson would be the one who felt that there was more behind that cold, stone face. date someone with a personality similar to park Jimin from 15& Got7. Way to be safe JJProject Youngjae, Yugyeom, Jaebum Got7, Got7 Jinyoung, Got7  Gao Lee. Your mom was walking you to the hotel room you’d be sharing with Doyoung for the night. Originally posted by hanaoni. Mark - Fluff. He’s just…. This was your first fan meet with bts you’ve watched dozens of fan videos talking about their experiences with bts and were pumped and ready to go. You Being Scared Of Thunder. Yoongi: Silently hands you a sweater and doesn’t mention it ever again. m jackson donghyuk gif reactions GOT7 REACTIONS taexual. So I hope you like and have a great day. He felt a presence tower him, he raises his soft eyes to meet that smile which he longed for. Owen’s POV You just wanted to scream to the whole word that the bullshit they are saying is wrong. Written reactions. “Shit!” JB yelled. the gears are turning in his head. You sing along to one of their songs while cleaning. He was scrolling through his phone and you were playing Black Ops on the Xbox 360. @sexyyoungjae said: could you make a reaction on GOT7 catching you touching yourself please??? btw i love your blog <3 ^. ‘please don’t give me a reason to think you don’t love me. You’d surprise him when you wrapped your arms around his head, your fingers gently playing with his hair as you silently cried realizing how rude you were being. After that he would want to know the Dec 30, 2018 · Unsubscribe from Emmalilyn? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. M , you felt people staring at you. Direct about making love. You two spent the rest of the night just talking about whatever cane to mind. Dec 07, 2016 · Got7 Reaction to their sweet yet cold girlfriend. 26 Jul 2019 Jinyoung was always an extremely cold man towards you ever since it was found out you two were to be wed in order to keep money circulating  17 Nov 2019 Got7 Reaction: You Calm Down When They Play With Your Hair Mark: He would see you being stressed and would pull you into his lap He would be very cold to the fans for a while while he recovered from this anger. Jin: He would have been trying to you get a new dish he had been trying to perfect. Face Mask W/Got7 (F) Requested by anon: Could you write about doing face masks for the first time with the members of got7? I just feel like that would be so cute and like half of them wouldn’t stop moving Genre: fluff Warnings: none Jaebum: “Staph moving!” You mockingly screeched at him as he kept jerking his head back as you applied the mask to his face. Hope you enjoy! *crouches down in front of you as you sit there pouting* “There’s no point in being a little brat with me. if youve made Got7 reaction to you wearing only their big sweater and your undergarments A/N: this is how i think they’d react, no harm done (requested) Mark: You slumped on the right side of the couch, jolting him a bit. P and BTS V and Jungkook reaction to you breastfeeding for the first time. Your boyfriend rolled his eyes playfully before he got up to make you a tea. “Holy shit, ow!” You didn’t even pay attention to the words that just came out of your mouth, and you ran to Jin: when he first sees you he will be a whole lot worried, he thought that you let people thoughts into you, so he will start saying “Jagi, you know you are perfect as you are but why did you…. GOT7 Ideal types. Shownu is likely to give you a piggy back ride whenever you want. Hoseok: “Oh no! My y/n can’t be cold!!” throws every sweater and blanket in the house Masterlist Updated: 8/14/17. MARK “Markie…” you cooed, looking down as you rubbed circles into his thigh, “what do you want jagi… you only use that tone when you want something?” He questioned, smirking. If you want a bbss ship send a selca (in mensage) and a mini text where you describe yourself (for the box or in mensage if you want). You bite your lip. GOT7 reacting to their s/o being 6ft tall. So I am back from Paris and ready to post a lot again:) Kcon was crazy cannot believe I saw the boys and all the other groups live. Someone flirts with their s/o all of twice. Mobile Masterlist. Dating someone who says what they want. He was wrong. Since you had promised your bestfriend you would stray from your usual jeans and a t-shirt you let her pick the outfit. Feb 24, 2017 · Hello I loved your bts reaction to falling for a foreign fan at a fanmeet so I was hoping you cold also do one for got7. Please like it and request imagines, mtl’s, reactions, scenarios whatever you want with bts or got7 and also tell He found you in the kitchen with a cup of your favourite hot drink. You couldn’t stop the noises coming from your mouth as you gripped out the sheets beneath you. don't be afraid to request! Reaction To: Male Trainees Saying You’re Their Ideal Type S T R A Y K I D S R E A C T I O N T O : Watching Produce 101 on TV because you (their girlfriend) are one of the competitors, and noticing all the male trainees there are talking about how pretty you are and that you’re their ideal type. Jaebum is woken up by screaming pups and for a split second, the pups are laughing when dad falls on their rug because he thought the pups were being murdered. A/N: ok so im sorry if you dont like it cause im new to this daddy kink thing, as well as the tying up, but i tried. Yugyeom - Noona. I hope you like it!! Taeyong : Taeyong Sep 19, 2016 · Hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie. Mark absolutely freaked out and let his nerdy side show when he saw that you Jun 02, 2019 · You never knew much about Jackson, but strangely enough, you trusted this man with your life. Anon asked: Yes!A got7 reaction to finding out that their s/o is a vampire due to catching them displaying odd behaviors such as having more speed than an average human, sneaking to drink blood, getting their way more than usual by being highly charming. A/n: this request resonated with my soul, tysm for requesting!! - Amelia. Dating an idol. What it would take for Mark to cheat is either him and his s/o were fighting a lot, so he was stressed about it and maybe got a bit too close with someone else or he got really drunk while he was away and things got heated. GOT7: Gif reactions. EXO Reaction - their s/o being shorter and not - EXO Reaction - their s/o being shorter and not needing help to get something from up high Xiumin He can’t help but watch to make sure you actually get what you needed off the high shelf. ” and you cut him off by saying that you got this super bad cold in which you barely ate and due to that you lost lost of weight so he will be relived that it was just a consequence of that… He would lift you up & bring you into your room & gently lay you down in your bed; After removing his clothes, he would get into the bed with you Jinyoung Originally posted by parkhabits. Others: How Twice Makes Out With Their Girlfriend Got7 Reactions EXO • To you being abducted • Reaction to hair being ruffled • He says something in the heat of S/O Having Cold Feet/Hands Got7. ” caused by the days he spent giving you the cold shoulder, evident Got7 reaction to meeting a shy, tattooed, fan at a fansign Mark: He had a tattoo and so when he saw yours and how good they were he asked about them and when your face turned red from his face getting closer to your’s he giggled at how cute you were. There was no light source, yet you were able to see everything clear as day despite the fact that it seemed like the dead of the night. When he was alone with you he would make sure to let you know how much he loves you, reassuring you that he had no feelings for anyone but you. Sign in to make your opinion count. The plate was thrown nowhere near you, but a sharp fragment of the plate bounces off the wall and hits your cheek. They would immediately take care of you and would do anything and this happened when you asked for a drink. MTL. You Cheering For Them When They Win An Award. ” It was time, you assumed, time to make things better for the both of you. You thought it would just be one of those annoying people who liked to joke around at the mall and do stupid things so it took you by surprise when you heard your name being called out, and felt a pair of hands dragging you right to the fountain. Jun 13, 2016 · be alright/supportive of their girlfriend being pansexual EXO & Got7. Minseok (Xiumin) Originally posted by lawlliets. M walked towards you and gives you his sweater, you get up and put it on. I just don’t want you to get a cold or something, haahh. When he walks in on you breastfeeding the baby, seeing you smiling, whispering encouraging words to the baby. Jun 15, 2016 · V: He had just returned home from a long day at practice and would come face-to-face with you laying on his bed, used tissues surrounding you as you tried to sleep as peacefully as you could while being sick. Namjoon: Nope, Namjoon would not be happy the fact that everyone, especially his member would be checking out his girlfriend. The I hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie. Jan 07, 2017 · BTS reacting to you being curvy. Mark: He will be quite understanding in this fact. Like Jeonghan, he wouldn’t make a huge deal of it, but, I do see him being the type to tease his members about staring at you for too long. Gifs are not mine: cr to original owners. You brought your other hand up to grab your boob. jackson wang x reader Youngjae, Bambam, Kim Yugyeom, Got7 Jackson, Jackson Wang for them all to become good friends despite several of them being confused and unwil. They see you get in a physical fight with a girl. I was wondering if you could make a got7 yugyeom smut, with you calling him daddy and he teases you, making you really needy for him. S C E N A R I O S : J I N : forgetting your bday (angst GOT7 Wolf AU Reaction to finding their mate Mark: Mark was walking through the forest in his wolf form when out of nowhere he smelt a scent that he couldn’t help but feel attracted to. - you'd wear his hoodie for it's cold and you couldn't find yours. “Well you see… Reactions: Monsta X/ EXO Reaction - GF Being 4″7 (143cm-146cm) Monsta X/Exo Reaction - Their Girlfriend Has A Heterochromia. When you meet your bias from Got7/SVT. dating someone multiracial BTS, Got7 & Astro . Sign in to report inappropriate content. You used your thumb to stimulate your clit, chasing your release. Seokjin: Jin would be into a firm ass, like an apple. Cold-Hearted Husband//Jinyoung // GOT7 Originally posted by j-miki Jinyoung was always an extremely cold man towards you ever since it was found out you two were to be wed in order to keep money circulating through both your families. Madtown Reactions: To You Being A Light Sleeper? Comforting You When You Were Hurt By Your Boyfriend? To Your Cooking Being Better Than Jota’s? To You Being Clumsy? To You Kissing Them When You Are Usually Cold? When You Ask Them To Stay Over? Madtown Scenarios: Jota When You Don’t Want To Tell Him You’re Hurt? Bts reaction- You wear something sexy to a fan meet. Their s/o telling them about their past all of twice . If you told him to get you something, he would hurry and grab it right away, even if it meant driving across town for the Jun 18, 2016 · Luhan: He would be the one who got you sick in the first place. As always, if there’s anything that you want to see, please feel free to send me a request! I love writing what you guys want to see! Lets get into this. M you noticed that your white shirt was totally exposing you, you stopped and covered your body with your hands. And being Yoongi he would take it as something obvious. I’m just as stubborn, so I suggest you stop it right now. Halfway to being beside I. You weren’t scared of the hate on you, but you were scared about Owen If he saw what people are saying about you. got7 got7reaction aghase igot7 jb jaebum jbgot7 mark tuan mark mark got7 jackson jackson wang jjp jinyoung jinyoung got7 youngjae bambam double b hot7 reactions got7 reactions yugyeom As soon as he found out you were scared of the other members, he’d be a little annoyed at them for making you feel that way. Shownu. Sorting Vixx into Hogwarts Houses (Part 1) Sorting Vixx into Hogwarts Houses (Part 2) How they react when you snuggle into their chest every time you hug/cuddle. ” Everything hurt, you heart, your head, your knee, everything. “But if he-”, “yes I know, if he pains me then you’ll deal with it”. Please and thank you 😆😇💖 sure babe! Mark: Mark, being more accustomed to anon asked: EXO reaction to you (girlfriend) being caring and loving but need a lot of alone time and acts kinda cold if they act too clingy? <3 Thank you so much for your request anon! (I’m much like this myself!) I hope you enjoy it! ~Em Xiumin: He would honestly be okay with this since he has a busy schedule that he has to keep up with, but this would also make him 10x more exited when he Hyuk would pick you up and put you to bed saying if you need anything ask him and would try to make you smile. You Confessing To Them. date a foreigner who speaks Korean Astro & EXO. Originally posted by eatjin. but yeah i probably won't be able to upload as much “Kookie, can you please give me your jacket. MTL BTS and Got7. Scenarios. If this sucks you know why lol ♚ Mark ♚: He would get a lil shy when you told him he was your first boyfriend, really not expecting it. "Mark, you're not a professional at this, either. - he'd ask you why you're wearing his hoodie and you'd explain. You sat down on the couch telling him about how your boyfriend had left you in the snow telling you he didn't like how much you flirted with Jackson. sorry to you poor souls who have already started. got7 jb got7 yugyeom youngjae jr got7 bambam jackson got7 mark got7 got7 reactions However Jimin looked at you interested, you checked if Jungkook was into the movie and he sure was which made you grab your boyfriend’s hand placing it on your now soaked area only causing him to grin at you not even trying to help get the remote to turn it off, causing you to have a building orgasm through the rest of the movie only being Anon asked: Yes!A got7 reaction to finding out that their s/o is a vampire due to catching them displaying odd behaviors such as having more speed than an average human, sneaking to drink blood, getting their way more than usual by being highly charming. Your Crush: Jinyoung (GOT7) Originally posted by kinkwseok. TAEYONG: He would be understanding. As you reached the point where you couldn't feel your fingers, you linked your You curled up in a ball, still in your sleep, because of the cold. You getting Scared During A Scary 118) When they find out you’re a sister of a GOT7/BTS member. under the bed's covers as you run to fill a bowl of cold water and grab  23 Jan 2016 Got7 Reaction to Finding Your Weak Spot - For: Anon. “Bambam!” You continued to call out to him as your orgasm approached. He would try and understand it as much as he could and ask you any questions that he might have. “Hey, babe. Backstory: You two had been lounging on the couch, enjoying some time to yourselves. Jimin would stop yelling the moment he saw you start crying, realising h had probably taken things too far. 15 Nov 2017 GOT7 / Their S/O is always cold “Request: Can I ask for Got7 reaction to Whenever you were out in cold weather and you realized your jacket  1 Jun 2017 However while doing this you accidentally touched him with your foot which was cold from being outside in the cold air. GOT7 (Youngjae) Reaction: you being hospitalized Youngjae would hear the news either through your friends or your parents. ” Originally posted by kimjjongin. He would ask a lot if you were in pain or needed something special, if he should get a doctor or maybe something to drink. ” Request; Got7 reaction when their says “ I love it when you kiss me and hug me because it remind that you love me ” . you're a handful y/n, aish. Taeil was not GOT7 Scenario: Snowball Fight Request: SNOWBALL FIGHT! SNOWBALL FIGHT! A/N: Shortly after I replied to your ask I realized that you didn’t specify which group you wanted me to write this for so since you sent it after I posted the GOT7 announcement I will do it with GOT7. Jackson ran to you comforting you, doing his job as the best friend. ” Wonwoo: Originally posted by visual-17. Nonetheless he would understand, sometimes making jokes about it to a) make the situation and them seem a little less scary and b) to make you feel better about it and reassure you it was ok. Got7 Reaction :: Finding their girlfriend crying MarkWhen Mark finds you crying he lets you cry all you want, holding you and hoping that you would calm down. A tear rolls down your cold cheek and you quickly reach out to wipe it off, sniffing a few times. You don’t know how, because there was no moon. He’d feel bad about giving you his cold and since you helped him feel better, he’d feel it’s only right if he did the same for you. You’d firstly be taking care of him and then catch his cold after being around him so much. Authors Note: lol So this is actually the result of a conversation I’d been having with my friend. They discover your pinterest Jaebeom: Not the type to get jealous unless someone was a little too touchy with you, even more so when you were touchy with them. Whether it was deep or something entirely stupid, you Bts reaction to them giving you a hickey and teasing you - I’m assuming that your bf (from exo/bts) gave you a hickey before you go see your parent and then your bf(exo/bts) teasing you because of it? EXO Reactions ~ Maternity over Mafia ~ Warnings: Mentions of guns, drugs and blood. Sep 02, 2018 · yugyeom's sad life: a compilation Ynaffit. GOT7 MTL likely to want to cuddle after a bad day. 120) When another member confesses to them. Originally posted by hopeatuuli. “I’ll be back jagyia, use the blanket” he said as he handed you a fluffy blue blanket. He would try to avoid it at first but his pants was getting tighter so he would huff and bite his lip as he held you closer to him whispering in your ear, “I want you now. You just thought the boy was being friendly, but your boyfriend felt otherwise… Taeil: Originally posted by jonqins. You are an innocent child in his eyes and there is no way in hell he likes seeing you in that Literally covers you with his jacket during the whole award show You best believe he’d be ready to fight anyone who tries to objectify you HOSEOK Originally posted by yourpinkpill Hobi wouldn’t be really mad but he wouldn’t be a big fan either He Nct 127 Reaction : You have an extremely loud / ugly laugh ~ A/N - Sure thing, darling! Truth be told, I have a pretty loud laugh too. Owen’s POV Jealousy - Jaebum (Got7) ***So this is my first post just to show my writing skills. GOT7 Reaction - Gf Calls Them Whilst Drunk And Alone Hello my beauties, guess who’s coming back! I won’t be posting all the time since I am still in exam period, however I’ve got time off for revision, as well as being off ill with tonsillitis, so ya girl is coming back sooner than promised <3 How they react to you being able to scream (heavy metal style) How they’d react to you baking them a cake for their birthday. got7 react: to waking up without you. “It’s slimy!” He groaned Jun 30, 2016 · You tighten your arms on your coat, trying to stay warm and keep the cloth on place. He would be very upset. He knows what to say and when. Not only were you hurt you felt humiliated being told you were cheated on multiple times and you were too stupid to notice it. You need to stop over-reacting, you’ll get use to it. Their s/o being a Youtuber all of twice. school is starting for me soon. Request: Can you please do a monsta x piggy back rides. So he tried to get you to open up. Junmyeon (Suho) Apr 22, 2018 · 🔥 GOT7 REACTION 🔥 ‘Reaction to you asking to experiment in bed’ - slightly mature :) Originally posted by gsvnrewind. Kpop Reactions, Ships and Blurbs (Ship requests CLOSED) Requests to do: 24 Hi, my name is Kimmy and I write reactions, written and selca ships and blurbs for kpop fans. You were suffering from the cold and had constant chills. Watching a scary movie with their s/o. At this moment, most of the members of the marketing team, as well as GOT7, stare quickly at you and the other international members. "I'll hold you, I promise, just let go of the rail. - he'd can't help but find you adorable. *At the dorm after the awards show* Wonwoo: “(Name), you looked very nice tonight. 1. Originally posted by 747jpg Taehyung cheering you up. You saying “I love when you kiss + hug me because it reminds me you love me. Anon Asked: Got7 reacts to having a chic/savage S/o? So you’re asking me to do a reaction of Got7 dating me? - Admin Dayna Mark While he’s absolutely immune and unfazed to your generally cold You just wanted to scream to the whole word that the bullshit they are saying is wrong. It was an absolute riot to write! I’m definitely a fluff-oriented writer, but man, this was a fun change of pace. Gifs not mine: Cr to original owners. “Oh come on, Y/n. So far we do ships, reactions, scenarios, and MTLs. BLACKPINK Reactions: You Dancing To Their GOT7 Reaction - When You’re Hyper Requests are open! <3 Youngjae - *He’d leave you to it until you start making a mess and/or accidentally hurt yourself then he makes himself stop you before something else happens* Probably the most chill out of everyone. However, he’s not an irresponsible boyfriend either so when he sees that you’re far too drunk he’d pull you out with him so you both could get some fresh air while walking to the nearest convenience store for some comfort food and water in a calmer environment. Always on the run, you two were living the rush life and you loved it, but one day, he couldn’t run anymore and had to face reality. He would pull an uneasy expression, carefully picking the used tissues up and throwing them away, washing his hands right after that and Blow Up Reaction Hi, everyone! We're two girls admin Jibooty and admin Satansoo who came up with the amazing idea to make a blog for whatever we decide to do. He’d ask if you like it, and then tell you how much he liked it, but most of all ‘as long as you’re happy with it, you looked beautiful with long hair, and now you look beautiful with short hair. You fall asleep on his shoulder GOT7 reacting to unintentionally hurting you (as gf) in a fight Jaebum: He gets angry and picks up a ceramic plate from the counter and throws it against the wall. ^ Hello, yes, hi, this is dirty. “I thought you said they’d be out all day!” You yell back at him as he throws you his oversized shirt and scrambles to find his boxers and pants. Now, you would never let go. Doing it in the studio. Follow. GOT7: You and Jinyoung were making dinner for you both and the rest of Got7. Mark you better stopppppp Jaebum Got7, Got7 Yugyeom, Youngjae, Markson Got7, Mark reaction to you being grumpy and not wanting to wake up Jackson: He was awake for like forever now and you were still sleeping. Originally posted by hyukgifs. ’ would be all you said before letting him kiss you sweetly. 123) When you can’t roll your R’s BTS reacting to you having a panic attack at night. I’m cold” You whined. He meets Taehyung, a model who's the opposite. Mar 28, 2018 · Background: You and you’re boyfriend were at a public function for his gang, NCT. I need to touch you and feel you under my fingertips. - when Mark would spot you, his cheeks would instantly heat up. but I love you too much to get mad at you so hurry up and get better so you can come to our fan meet. They meet a girl in an elevator who doesn’t seem to know them. You wanting to cuddle. so he knows what to do. Both of you were excited about dancing together and with all the time you two were going to have near each other there was no doubt you would become inseparable. •Welcome To EXO Reactions!• Home Askbox Masterlist To do Guidelines Links Instagram archive ••Reactions, scenarios, imagines, chats, moodboards, headcanons, etc. You being insecure of your weight. That being said, when he saw you throw your hand on Chan’s arm at a JYP event, and laugh a little too hard at his shitty joke, he couldn’t help but hold it against you. He thought nothing could come between you and food. Read with caution. You Being The 8th Member And Loving Them But You Don’t Want To Ruin Your Careers. GOT7 REACTION: YOU BEING CLOSER TO ANOTHER MEMBER MARK:Mark would definitely be the jealous type, like, if you were spending more time with Jinyoung because he was your best friend. Everyone’s eyes were on you expect Jacksons, you cried harder and tears streamed faster every time Lee Na continued to tell you what happened. You getting Scared During A Scary Movie. When suga first sees your figure he probably won’t be able to control any of his emotions. 119) When you’re dropping hints about being pregnant. Well, then there was a cold morning Jae took the kids out for a run, and they both picked up a nasty head cold after that. But the problem is- you aren’t the best cook-. The groups we do are BTS, EXO, GOT7, monsta x, NCT, Wanna One, Vixx, Blackpink, Kard, and Day6. hes not going to play coy with you. Would be a little off put by it at first, but would learn to love your hair being short. You were sad he had left you, but you couldn’t blame him. It wasn’t making you feel better that’s for sure. Life's too   Read GOT7 from the story KPOP REACTION by MiaCunha2002 (Mariana Cunha ) with you're cold as ice, baby Youngjae, Got7 Yugyeom, Got7 Jinyoung, Way to be safe JJProject Youngjae, Yugyeom, Jaebum Got7, Got7 Jinyoung, Got7. Someone Getting Too Close to Their S/O When They Are Pregnant {Mafia!au} Their Wife Trying to Run Away with Their Unborn Child {Mafia!au} When He Is Tough to the World But Gentle to You {Mafia!au} Oh my gosh! Thank you, thank you, thank you, this totally made my day. Wanna One Reactions: You Snoring In Your Sleep. He would tell you if you didn’t hurry up and eat the food would get cold to which you would respond that you could just heat it up later. GOT7 finding out their new member is a girl dressed up as a boy. He’d go to reach out to you but when you flinched away he’d feel his heart sink to his stomach. Known for being flirty and warm. Got7 Reaction - Friend Sent Them A Nude On Accident. GOT7 Reaction: S/O Being Sick Mark: Would be the sweetest taking care of you. You being sick. You toyed with your nipple, pretending it was Bambam giving you pleasure. He’d immediately go there, probably not even taking the time to let the other members or their manager know where he was going because he was too worried. So I relate hardcore. Sometimes he would seat you next to him on the couch and simply just talk to you about what’s bothering you (though he already knows what is it). And he ties you up to the bed. also yes. He’d like being cold af to everyone else around him, but then in private you’d both change and be sweet and cuddly with one another. Got7: Reactions: Got7 Reaction - Their GF Decorates Their Place For Halloween. Find images and videos about gif, and youngjae on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. omg his cuteness can you hear the sound of my head hitting the floor? Aww the whole happy family Got7 Yugyeom, Jaebum Got7, Got7 Jackson, Jackson Wang The best revenge is to show them that you're life is better without them. 121) When their girlfriend keeps making puns. He couldn’t help but laugh when you said lets sneak away and go get some food or ice cream; Or how you grabbed his hand and ran down the hallway when he said yes; Kim Yugyeom. You have nipple piercings. He would smile at you and try to keep a straight face, but couldn’t help “You’ll have to work hard if you want to be with her” he’d say, completely serious. Got7 Mafia! Reaction to their arranged wife being a sexy badass who acts innocent A/N: I really loved this reaction, it really got my creativity flowing! It’s a rather long reaction but I couldn’t Jungkook, a photographer for a famous magazine is known for being cold hearted. Bonus: VIXX Reaction to their best friend being sick. Both of you were on a movie date, the cinema hall was unnaturally cold so being a gentleman, Jinyoung helped you put on his hoodie You being short. 25 Jul 2019 Was he ready to be a dad? Fuck no, but he would support whatever happened and would make sure you knew that. He thought you You Loving Food And Eats Lots Of It But Not Gaining Weight You Don’t Get Scared While Watching A Horror Film But They Do You Trying To Fight Off The Kidnappers In AHL You Being A Terrible Dancer You Wanting A Baby (Jungkook Reaction) You Vaping Being Insecure Because Not A Lot Of People On Your Side Would Show Up To The Wedding B. You Being Harassed. GOT7 reacting to their underage sibling drinking. You have a nightmare (in which they died) BTS react to your big boobs (hehe) Smacking da booty. Asking You To Marry Them. Discovered by C i и т h i ɑ. When he’d be alone with you he’d show gratitude and respect for your choice of partner. “Oh god, no y/n! GOT7 reaction: they are your first boyfriend. I. “Mark, I really like you,” you continue, “but I don’t think I can go on like this. *Forget caption* Originally posted by kittenyeong. 26 Oct 2019 You know those moments in life where everything just seems to be annoying to you? Cold and sweet… like ice cream cake! (Get the 11. Crush drunkly dry-humping them. being vocally annoyed with how cold his girlfriends hands always are EXO12. Usually, the dark frightens you, but you felt the strangest sensation of safety. Got7. You Getting Hate. Just being really playful with him even though this was a business environment. “Look…whatever happens I'  GOT7 REACTION: YOU NOT LIKING TO BE TOUCHED It was clearly very noticeable you were cold as you were whining to your boyfriend about it every  14 Sep 2018 Cockwarming with GOT7 Asks: Can I request A got7 reaction to cockwarming? I noticed you barely get got7 request ;*( Jaebum: Jaebum was being needy Feeling cold, you moved to Jaemin closet and pulled out a hoodie to  this is filled with got7 things like imagines, scenarios, "his favourite. Clothing he’d get you: Ripped boyfriend jeans . And if you don’t mind doing another group for the same ask, maybe NCT-U reacting to their s/o coming out as asexual? Please and thank you! - Requested by anonymous . GOT7 having a black/mixed partner Jinyoung - “Let me see you want me baby” / Inspired by Got7 tic toc - “It’s still hard being your son” / HalfGod!AU - Athena’s son Youngjae - “It’s hard not to fall for you” / Smut relationship moodboard - “I always belong to you” / Vanilla relationship moodboard - “You left me” / Inspired by “your shirt” - “It Got7 ↣ Reactions/ Scenarios. M: You came out the pool and walked over to I. you’re at their front door after you went out at night. And as much as you loved Mark with every fibre of “You know your Hobi never meant to upset you, right? I love you too much to do anything like that to you” Park Jimin. Got7 Scenarios: When Mark and you prank the others. Yongguk: Yongguk is such a daddy. They walk in on their GF self harming *trigger warning* GOT7: Reactions: You back hug them then run away. If you wanted it with BTS I’m so sorry just get back at me and I’ll do that aswell You came crying into the got7 dorm. Park Jin Young/Jr: The whole “cold vibe” wouldn’t scare him that much. Jaebum: Mr. Reaction & imagine - Im Jaebum (Jb - Reactions - Reaction to : Honeymoon - Page 2 - Wattpad Cre: the owner/as logo Got7 Reactions - Reaction to : Honeymoon - Page 2 - Wattpad Ver más A Got7 Reactions Blog!! I will do Written/Gif Reactions, Imagines, MTL, Snapchats, Text Messages, and Aesthetic Boards! REQUESTS ARE CLOSED Disclaimer: No gifs or images on this blog are mine unless BTS REACTION - You being thick/chubby Thank you so much for the request, I think that all of BTS would love the girl for who they are, despite their weight, so I’m gonna do you a small scenario with JHope: You guys would be all cuddled watching a movie when you unknowingly touched his crotch with your hand when you were changing positions. this is the request that got partially deleted ;-; i worked so hard on it and then i had to re-do it asdfghjkl ugh i can’t find the request itself so i’ll do a little scene explanation - "ah, you make me worry too much. Every time you said you were in pain he would run just to find a doctor to check you. Chapter 3: being their favorite youtube gamer Chapter Text Mark. BTS as. Not being a virgin. Originally posted by yuu-jin ~~~~~ ~Admin got7 reacts to you being needy ↝ mark: eyebrows are lifted. He tried  25 Sep 2017 can you please do a GOT7 reaction to their gf nuzzling them when she's cold. Requests are open! kpop kpop reactions ikon reactions monsta x reactions exo reactions got7 reactions ikon monsta x exo got7 baekhyun kris i. It's oversized and comes down to your thighs. Not being able to see Bam fuck into you and it being dead dark made it all the more pleasurable. got7, got7reactions, aghasae Got7 Reaction to you accidentally letting out a moan when you lose in a game. A. You lay on the couch entangled in each others arms coming down from your high. ” and you cut him off by saying that you got this super bad cold in which you barely ate and due to that you lost lost of weight so he will be relived that it was just a consequence of that… Inspired by me failing to use chopsticks earlier (GIFs at the bottom) Jin: Jin would probably laugh a little bit but end up either helping you or feeding you depending on how much you suck (and you might pretend to suck a little more than you do to see Eomma Jin come out) “Jagiya you’re so clumsy seriously it’s not that difficult” *smiles at how silly you’re being* ~~~~~ Rap Monster GOT7 Reaction | First Heat “request: werewolf! got7 where they experience their first heat in the relationship, fluff but slight smut warnings: mature content, slight detailed smut, clingy, You’d hug him from behind and rub his neck when you talked. Reactions: Step on his BTS reactions to their s/o having a big/nice butt. You don’t know what you did, but you did something to cause the boilings water bubbles to pop up at your arm. My apologies for not being able to add a picture, I am a mobile user, and this is where I do 90% of my work. GOT7 reaction | being asked to pick up tampons Written gender neutral for the inclusion of transmen and anyone else with a menstruating vagina. I’m so glad you like my writing, hope you enjoy this one! J-hope/Hoseok. His reaction to you wearing them: He would love everything about it. " Taking a deep breath, you removed one hand from the rail, noticing your boyfriend smile widely. y-you",-kth "Surprise baby" Taehyung 4 years ago night… # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad Read 50 from the story You're Mine And Only Mine Yoongi X Reader by with reads. Their GF is extremely flexible. But don't be afraid to ask for other groups if I can't I'll tell you. Read Reaction to : You Accidentally Turning Them On from the story Got7 Reactions by ScientificOngniel (Amelie) with 3,691 reads. Kai . Got7 Reacts to You Being Scared of a Bug/Mouse Hey guys! One more reaction for tonight. GOT7's Jackson What are your favorite reaction GIFs or celebrity death glares?. just ask! NCT U Reaction To Their S/O Being Asexual. Could you do a BTS (Suga, Jimin, Namjoon, Jin and Kookie) reaction like the EXO one where they’re reacting to you being curvy?. Reactions. A/N: I haven’t written a reaction in so long so I’m a little rusty. 16 Dec 2018 GOT7 reacting to you being gone the morning after, only to be found in a to find your warm body, only to be met with cold sheets, “Babe?”. You came crying into the got7 dorm. He would then return to his Reactions: Reaction to you not being able to reach their necks * Reaction to when they know they love you Reaction to when you make a hat for them * Reaction to when you wear heels * Reaction when you say their name in your sleep * Reaction to their s/o being an adrenaline junkie * GOT7 Enemies to Lovers * KNK Reaction to you being loud and outgoing Lyla Inseong: So Inseong is pretty cheerful and outgoing himself, although he can have a lot of shy moments so I think he would be perfectly find to date a girl that is very outgoing because if anything her confidence would rub off on him. Lets continue this, shall we? As always, if there’s anything that you want to see, please feel free to send me a “I love you so much Jagi, lets talk about it okay?” *You’re Jackson of course lol* Originally posted by igotlov7. 122) When they have a crush on you and you tell them you’re dating another member. You froze in front of the door. You literally bump into them in the club. Thank you sorry for the wait~ Suga: Originally posted by sugagifs. so damn pleased, he will literally applaud your ass. Disney princesses. Jin: when he first sees you he will be a whole lot worried, he thought that you let people thoughts into you, so he will start saying “Jagi, you know you are perfect as you are but why did you…. got7 reaction to their best friend falling asleep in their dorm “May I please have a Got7 reaction to their best friend (to everyone in the group) falling asleep in the dorm, but them being to scarred to wake her up because they think she looks too peaceful? –thanks” [UPDATED 7/4/17] Reactions Exo: Reaction to you trying to scare them Reaction to you having really cold hands Reaction to you liking skinship but not in public Nct: Reaction to you being a great Jun 13, 2017 · Got7: I ship you with Yugyeom This is because again you’d be able to bond with dancing and being energetic and I think he’d totally get that “cold face” or resting bitch face (which is a empirically supported phenomenon, fun fact. Master list Reactions-BTS: • To kissing you for the first time • To you being pregnant • To their crush being mistaken as their girlfriend • To you getting hit on (Jealousy) • To you being a messy You let out a strain of curses as he slid his length into you from the back, using his hands to hold your hips up so he could get into you smoothly. Guidelines Masterlist A/N: So, if you haven’t seen my recent bio update, I am now opening requests for Most-to-Least’s, blurbs, fake texts/snapchats, Your Crush: Jinyoung (GOT7) Originally posted by kinkwseok. MTL: Got7 MTL Like To Spoil Their S/O With Expensive Gifts Got7 MTL To Like Their Gf Apr 22, 2016 · BTS reaction to the others members staring at your boobs and ass. Jackson would of course be hella worried about you. The doorbell rings, you take a final glance in the mirror, then make your way carefully over to the front door. Hot and cold…more like Mr tease machine. M T L S : Date a foreigner. 18 Aug 2018 GOT7 reaction: S/O taking care of them while they're sick ♚ Mark He would be very moved by all of this, not being used to people taking care of him. ) (And he would think you were just too adorable!). GOT7 MTL likely to like their s/o having curly hair. Namjoon. GOT7 reaction to : Getting caught cheating Mark. “Holy shit, ow!” You didn’t even pay attention to the words that just came out of your mouth, and you ran to You and Jinyoung were making dinner for you both and the rest of Got7. Reactions: Their s/o cooking them breakfast in the morning all of twice. Originally posted by jaybleep. Special Requests: Monsta X as EXO reaction - you (their crush) being their - EXO reaction - you (their crush) being their makeup artist (gender neutral) Xiumin He would be the sweetheart of the 9 of them. To you BTS Reactions - Making you cry during a fight (Angst) Part 1: Hyung Line • Maknae Line Part 2: Hyung Line • Maknae Line A/N: I’m ending this reaction with a cliffhanger, so if you would like to read Hi. They’re fashionable, comfortable and match his style as well. Once you felt the pressure, you collapsed to the ground, as being touched there made You took the cold drinks from him and decided that the cardboard holder had  7 Mar 2016 JB: *He'd love the view and pull you in closer to him not only to feel your skin against his but to also shield your half naked body from the cold*. got7 reactions to you being cold

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