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O. , making it an ideal deer load with superb accuracy at medium ranges. 75" 1 oz Rifled Slug 5 Ro Brenneke K. Deep penetration, expansion up to . Brenneke black magic you might as well shoot the Brenneke KO`s. 20 gauge has a flat trajectory, dropping only 1. i have switched to copper solid recently but i really do like the gold. As you can see in the picture above, they gave me a 3. Actual hunting footage. 8 | Browning Rifled Slug. Brenneke recommends chokes no tighter than cylinder bore or improved cylinder when shooting their slugs. Federal Tru-ball - all over the place, was lucky to get on paper, 20% hit rate on target at 100 yds In order to have a safe shoot, Brenneke recommends the following Safety Tips: Only use Brenneke slugs in modern shotguns known to be in good condition. 12 Gauge 2. I have only shot one bear[shot lots with rifles]and he was already wounded but it put his lights out almost instantly[300lb bear]Now my question is has anyone on here hunted big bears or had to shoot one in self deffence with a 12 ga slug? Jul 09, 2012 · Slugs are better now. This is from a smoothbore 18" barrel, by the way. Oct 07, 2014 · For many, a shotgun was the weapon we used for our first big game hunting experience. Login / Join. slugs so popular come in 20 gauge, too. 75 1 1/4 oz Slug Shot 5 Bx/ 50 Cs. Brenneke 12 Gauge Ammo shotgun KO slug . Brenneke Slug. designed for different barrel types. It offers 58% more frontal area than standard . The only thing I have shot with buck/slugs in my 870 (my only shotgun) is paper targets. gives you the safety of a quick and clean kill, even better as it is one of the least expensive slugs on the market. 50 cal slugs. well there are different brenneke slugs out there foster's mostly and they also have sabots i've shot the rotweilers and ko's well they work very well on game they are hard hitting but like skane was saying not all guns like brenneke first time i tried them was in a ithaca 37 16ga and they jam on the ejection but in the rem 870 work fine the ko BRENNEKE USA Black Magic Slug For Rifled or smoothbore Barrels 2 in. The same exceptional knockdown power that distinguishes every Brenneke slug is built into the K. 75"-2. • Length In Inches: 2. round, in 12 gauge, has a 2-3/4" shell loaded with a 1 oz slug which it fires at 1600  Whilst the Paradox gun did not survive the Brenneke slugs took over and became one of the best The K. But after the rain/snow/slush that cost me a nice deer last year I am going to use my 870 smoothie this year. Stock up today! 5 Brenneke TM 2 3 / 4 " 12-ga. 75” 2- Remington rifled 1oz 2. 50 cal slugs-Expansion up to . ™ gives you the safety of a quick and clean kill, even better as it is one of the least expensive slugs on the market. I am totally sold. Brenneke 16 Ballistics. Shot Weight. 730", 600 grain slug at 1,500 fps. Brenneke 12 Ga. Brenneke. SLUG 5PK. The "rifling" or side grooves of these soft lead slugs do not impart a spin on the projectile but rather allow the slug to pass through various choke constrictions without damage to the barrel. The BRENNEKE slug is designed for huge mass stopping power that excels the impact of any bullet – on drive hunts as well as on African big game. Most guns are best zeroed to be 2" high at 50 yards. com: Manufacturer Part Number: SL202KO: Item Number: A2009827: UPC: 4030128200989 Details: Brenneke slug ammunition is produced with high quality materials and undergoes strict quality control to ensure their customers receive ammunition in excellent condition. My little Parker actually likes the ORIGINAL Brenneke better then this KO slug . Traditional Foster style slugs are much the same as they have been for the last 80 years. The K. Consistent shooting at 50- 100 yards. are shutgun slugs with a punch. 6 inches Between 25 And 100 yards. A rifled barrel and a good sabot slug will extend your range to at 125 or maybe more. Brenneke Ko Slugs 20Ga 3/4Oz 2 3/4" Why Should 12-Gauge Shooters Get All The breaks? Now, The Performance And Attractive pricing That Have Made Brenneke’S K. It offers 58 percent more frontal area than standard 50 cal slugs, resulting in massive energy transfer. K. , making it an ideal deer load at medium ranges. I use Brenneke as I went out to the range and tried Federal, Winchester, Remington, and Brenneke slugs, and the only one that gave me a good group at 50 yards from a smooth, 12 gauge, slug barrel with iron sights, was the Brenneke. The Brenneke slug is a solid lead slug with fins cast onto the outside. Ive "heard" that brenneke syas they will shoot out of both smooth and rifled but I just dont see how they could get around the rifled to rifled extream twist problem myself. Slugs So Popular Come In 20 Gauge, Too. Archery, rifle, handgun, shotguns or even zombie type guns can be used in many areas around the country. Hi: I live in bear country Griz &Blackie so i always carry my 870 12ga loaded with Brenneke slugs when fishing,camping etc. Home / Ammunition / Slugs Brenneke SuperSabot 12ga 2-3/4 1-1/8oz: Item #: 329SL122SUS: In Stock: $17. Brenneke K. Rounds Per Box. Rimfire; Centerfire Pistol; Maxim 9; Centerfire Rifle; Submachine Gun; Accessories; Barrels; Accessories. 15-round box. Magnum Slug. For whatever it's worth. $12. Despite the trend towards using fancy tricked-out tactical guns or lean, mean high-powered rifles, or even souped-up elite compound 50 cal slugs, resulting in massive energy transfer. The Brenneke slug was developed by the German gun and ammunition designer  27 May 2009 What I wish is that someone would do some real life testing on the Brenneke 12 gauge 3" Crush 656 gr. Euromaidan Protests. Brace yourself! Enter Brenneke TM Premium K nock- O ut Slugs for accuracy and hard-hitting power. . 80/Round ) In order to have a safe shoot, Brenneke recommends the following Safety Tips: Only use Brenneke slugs in modern shotguns known to be in good condition. Whether you use them for deer hunting or tactical operations, Brenneke KO slugs will do everything you want them to do and at ranges beyond the limits of your skills. It is one of the least expensive sabots on the market and offers 58% more frontal area than standard . Attributes. Brenneke 12 Gauge 2. Box 1481 Clinton, IA 52733-1481 800-753-9733 www. FEATURES-12 gauge-2 3/4″ shell length-1 oz-437 grains-Lead point with ribs that point to the right ensure smooth choke passage-offers 58% more frontal area than standard . Good luck. Rounds Per Box: 5. 80/Round ) 8. 5" @ 100 yards. Why should 12-gauge shooters get all the breaks? Now, the performance and attractive pricing that have made K. Make certain you know if you are shooting a rifled or smoothbore barrel, and using the proper slug. You get accuracy and performance superior to many of the high dollar sabot slugs. It offers 58 % more frontal area than standard . shotgun for deer hunting. 75" 1600 fps ko slugs 1oz. com. 45 MB Ukrainian Red Cross Society volunteer demonstrating a piece of metal fitting used by military troops to fight back protesters attacks. SLUG 5RD BOX. 75" KO SLUGS 1600FPS 1OZ. 50 Caliber Sabots - Expansion Up To . It was reported that a local gun shop owner called his Remington rep regarding this and the rep stated that they have had a 'rash' of barrel explosions recently due to Brenneke slugs. O gives you the safety of a quick and clean kill, even better as it is one of the least expensive slugs on the market. Brenneke SL122HFSGL Green Lightning 12 Gauge 2. I have to say though never tried the Tru-ball never seen a reason to pay the higher price. brennekeusa. A modern shotgun slug is a heavy projectile made of lead, copper, or other material and fired from a shotgun. 50 Boxes Per Case. 6 inches between 25 and 100 yards. Oct 02, 2008 · Any how, as METROPOL said, try 3 or 4 different kinds then chose on your experence. I was able to take a deer at 100 yards. 20 Has a Flat Trajectory, Dropping Only 1. Sabot 12 Gauge, 3" Barrel: All Types Range: Up To 100 yards Game: Deer Sized - One Of The Least Expensive Sabots - Superb Accuracy: Less Than 1 1/2" (5 rounds) at 50 yards - Flat Trajectory - . Nov 25, 2016 · Second on Brenneke KO. Sabots do not shoot well through smoothbores and fullbore slugs don't show much better accuracy through rifled barrels. Save Search. Both the Foster and the Brenneke have lead vanes which impart a slight spin for stability, but do little to enhance accuracy. Prepare for your next deer hunt with the Winchester Smooth Bore 12 Gauge Rifled Slugs. UnderTenReviews. Slug offers power and accuracy along with Products 1 - 16 of 16 Able Ammo is the place to buy Brenneke slugs and other discount Brenneke KO Sabot Slugs SL122KOS-1211822, 12 Gauge, 2-3/4",  In the past, Brenneke was purely a manufacturer of hunting projectiles - slugs and bullets. slug, 5rd box. 6 inches between 25 and 100 yards As you can see, with iron (ghost ring) sights (and my crappy eyes), at 50 yards, I got 1. Brenneke KO Slugs 20ga 3/4oz 2 3/4-Why should 12-gauge shooters get all the breaks Now, the performance and attractive pricing that have made Brenneke's K. I prefer Brenneke KO or Win Super X slugs. , 3″ Magnum slug load that boasts a “Practical Sight in Range” of 88 yds! The Brenneke slug was invented by the German gun and ammunition designer Wilhelm Brenneke(1865–1951) in 1898. It features high velocities, a full-bore slug diameter and the Buckmark Hollow Point. Shop online for Brenneke USA K. The Same Exceptional Knockdown Power That distinguishes Every Brenneke Slug Is Built Into The K. slug 5rd box. CleanSpeed: Both loads contain the well-proven 28,4 g / 440 grs slug and will be available in a new handy box of   Find theBrenneke KO Shotgun Slugs by Brenneke at Fleet Farm. 2-3/4" 1OZ. This year I am going North to Rifle country,but I am thinking about trying them K. The Brenneke Classic Magnum 2 3/4" is reported to be the round that the Alaska Fish & Game use in their Remington 870's for bear protection. Depending on the gun, sabot, and shooter you can take a deer at 200 yards. Smooth bore slug guns should be zeroed at 50 yards. Qty: one of the least expensive slugs on the market ; superb accuracy: less then 2" (5 rounds) at 50 Buy 19 Boxes (95 rounds) Brenneke KO Sabot Slugs 1oz 12 gauge 2 3/4" NO RESERVE: GunBroker is the largest seller of Shotgun Shells Ammunition All Categories. 50 cal slugs, resulting in massive energy transfer. While Lightfield's offering excel for defense, hunters are not forgotten with both light and heavy recoil loads for added knock-down power. They sold Brenneke USA K. Brenneke makes shotgun shells for target shooting and hunting, special slugs for law enforcement, and hunting rounds as well as projectiles for hand loading. The Winchesters run VERY well out of the smoothbore 870, but Im pretty sure the Brenneke has better terminal performance ( I know it punches hard targets better as well). The Brenneke TOPAS slug travels at a staggering speed of 510 meters per second (1673 fps) at the muzzle in the 12-gauge version and at 561 meters per second (1840. The Brenneke's were about 10 bucks cheaper for a box of 5. Add Brenneke’S Reputation For Accuracy, And The K. We use cookies to enhance the security, performance, functionality and for analytical and promotional activities. 9in in testing, this slug creates a 5-shot group under 1-1/2in at 50 yards. Aug 26, 2013 · I am muzzleloader guy & love shooting my ML. 75in 1oz Slug [120970] - Ammo Freedom carries brenneke ammunition and shotshell slug loads. It's slightly more than 2 inches long and is strictly for rifled barrels; shoot it through a smoothbore full choke and you're likely to wind up with a ruined open cylinder barrel. BRENNEKE; Browse Products. Only use Brenneke slugs in modern shotguns known to be in good condition. I had groupings of 2. It worked real well for mounting a scope when the receiver is not drill and tapped. He only has the bird barrel on his, but still is deadly accurate taking deer with the sucker out to 100 yards. I liked the price tag much more than a box of Hornady's. Slugs Brenneke USA SL122KO: K. 410 Bore 2-1/2" 1/4 oz Rifled Slug 5 Brennke ATS 12 Gauge Ammunition 5 Rounds 2-3/4 Brenneke Slugs are made to the highest standards, with the top in engineering, aerodynamics, ballistics, and you-bet-your-hunt-on-it dependability and accuracy. Brenneke Slugs are made to the highest standards, with the top in engineering, aerodynamics, ballistics, and you-bet-your-hunt-on-it dependability and accuracy. Sabot is capable of 1 1/2" groups at 50 yards or more. M. Shot Type. Sabot provides a larger frontal area than most competetive rounds, which gives you more knockdown power. P. My hunt'n buddies also use the Brenneke KO's with good results. no problem! that was the max as i usually hunt in limited viz areas. A 12 gauge Brenneke slug. brenneke a120970 usa 12ga 3/4 slug shotguns 2-3/4" 1oz 4030128120973 ammunition oz. Brenneke slugs[edit]. Speed Plus 100 Stk CleanSpeed for €78. If you go to the brenneke website you can figure out your needs. com Search Engine 2020 Hey I just bought 250 rounds of KO's 23/4 slugs. 02 - $2. Muzzle Velocity. Brenneke slugs have both a reputation for accuracy and penetration. 1410 Fps. Brenneke 20 Gauge 2-3/4" Slug : Find out which online Ammo Shop has the best price, in-stock, right now. Brenneke Slugs can take on some of the most dangerous game the world has to offer: bear, boar, lion, tiger, leopard, or even cape buffalo. 2-3/4" Rifled Slug 3/4 Oz 5 Brenneke K. Brenneke SL122KO K. Saved Searches. 9″ upon penetration-Muzzle Velocity:1650 FPS Brenneke KOs and Federal Truball are the best slugs I have tried for smoothbores. The company was founded by Wilhelm Brenneke in 1895. Slugs, 5 per box. com Unlike most slug loads, these Brenneke 12 gauge shells are designed for home defense use. Aug 28, 2016 #1. Ballistic Products has slug ammunition. called easy slug loading and Joe shows some comparison photo's of the brenneke with the vitt/boos (another slug with the wad attached) as well as the aq and other types of slugs. 3 in. Wow recoil. Velocity: 1,600 fps. Manufacturer: Brenneke P. Brenneke KO Brenneke HD Tactical Federal Tru-Ball Low Recoil Winchester Lite Low Recoil Sellier & Bellot "special slug 28" The Brenneke KO slugs were BY FAR the most accurate in my 930 SPX. No membership needed. Slug 5pk. The Brenneke 16 has been made specifically for owners of fine 16 gauge guns who are looking to be able to use slugs in them. The Brenneke KO's are the ones I use in my smooth-bore Ithaca Slug-Barreled 12 ga. There is an article by Joe Krieger in the abc's of reloading 6th ed. We also have magazines and accessories. Shot Size. The other design was the European Brenneke, which employed a lead cylinder with a fiber wad attached to the base. USED IN SMOOTH OR RIFLED BBLS, OUTSTANDING ENERGY AND KNOCK DOWN POWER. Brenneke KO Slugs 20 Gauge 3/4oz 2 3/4" SL-202KO-2009827. May 04, 2009 · The Brenneke is a 1/4 oz. Brenneke makes good stuff. Brenneke 20 Gauge K. The wad is attached to the slug and acts as fletching on an arrow. 75 1 oz Slug Shot 5 Bx/ 50 Cs. from most rifled-barrel shotguns. 75" Brenneke KO's. MPN: SL122KO | UPC: 301281120976. 12 Gauge . Learn more here. I. I have tried other brands & was wondering what you guys shoot. He fired twice, with no issues on the first shot but the second shot resulted in this catastrophic failure. 20 GA 2 3/4" Slugs . The Brenneke 16 is only made in 16 gauge 2½” with a projectile of 437 grains. MOD (Minute Two Brenneke Slugs. This is 12 Gauge Brenneke K. This item ships from an alternate warehouse, may take an extra two weeks to ship, and is not available Nov 30, 2004 · Both Brenneke and Lightfield make slugs that are designed to be shot in either a smooth-bore, rifled, or rifled-choke-tube. I looked on the Brenneke web site and can't find descriptions of the difference. Slug Ammo. 29 Nov 2016 load for bears and have come across the Brenneke black magic slugs. 99 12GA BRENNEKE USA AMMO 2. However, I would like to shoot Brenneke style slugs and have found that they are more expensive than the cheap Winchesters. H. Brenneke 20 Ga. Fritz adds that he slug he chose—called an Al Raptor Hollow Point Mini-BT—resembles a hollow-point, full-bore Brenneke in a semi-spitzer design. Make sure you use the proper length cartridge (2 3/4 inch or 3 inch) your gun is designed for. , making it an ideal deer load with superb accuracy at medium Quick view Brenneke K. There have been a few other foreign and domestic incursions in the  Presley's Outdoors features KO SABOT SLUG 20GA 2-3/4" 3/4Z from BRENNEKE OF AMERICA. 4. BRENNEKE Black Magic Slug One of the heaviest slugs on the market, the Black Magic Magnum is devastating on the biggest, toughest prey. Maximum range of a slug is up to 2000 yards! Be  Get off to a flying start with BRENNEKE K. Low recoil 1 ounce slugs Discussion in 'Factory Loaded Ammunition' started by diesel lover, Aug 28, 2016. 75" 1 oz Rifled Slug 5 Ro Brenneke 20 Gauge Low Recoil 2-3/4" Slug 7/10 Ounc Brenneke 12 Gauge 2. 410 slugs – Brenneke vs Remington vs Meat Target. making it an ideal deer load with superb accuracy at medium Alquist Arms sells the best classic firearms, concealed gun holsters, Hornady ammo, and gun optics online. You'll send a full 1-1/4 oz. MFG#: SL-122KO UPC: 4030128120973 Item: W064-00933 Cheap Brenneke Slugs prices. SuperMagnum. diesel 2. Brenneke usa 12ga ko slug 2-3/4″ 1oz. This K. Slug Ammo (5). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Everything Hunting , Trapping & Fishing Related About XDTalk. The smaller group is with the Brenneke 2 3/4" Green Lightning, and the larger is with the 3" Brenneke Black Magic slug load that launches a . 75" ko slugs 1600fps 1oz. MTM 100 Round 20 Gauge Shotshell Dry Box. This is my normal sight in distance for slugs. Shell Length (inches) 2-3/4. Let me know what you guys got, thanks in advance. FEATURES-20 gauge-2 3/4" shell length-3/4 oz-437 grains-Lead point with ribs that point to the right ensure smooth choke passage-offers 58% more frontal area than standard . Struggled to find a good slug for my Mossberg 835, rifled slug barrel. I finally gave up and ordered the three items that were "allowed" in the cart. 최초 업로드: 2019년 01월 15일 (화) 마지막 업로드: 2019년 01월 16일 (수) 마지막 다운로드: 5시간 전 Sep 13, 2017 · The most accurate smooth bore rifled slugs were the Brenneke Classic Magnum slugs. I doubt the KO"s are less quality. Do not waste your time and money go Brenneke and you will be pleased with the accuracy and distances reached with the slugs. The Brennecke performed the worst, by far. We test a brick wall, a cinder block wall, and an exterior wall built to code. It's also safe to use with rifles or smoothbore shotguns. Sabot Slug SL122KO Ammo for sale from Top Shot Firearms. 75” 3- federal rifled 1oz 2. #4 buck is my follow ups. 50cal slugs, resulting in massive energy transfer. 75" 1 oz Rifled Slug 5 Round B Brenneke TOPAS 12 Gauge Ammunition 5 Rounds 2-3/4" Shell 309 Grain Rifled Sabot Brenneke TOPAS 12 Gauge Ammunition 5 Rounds 2-3/4" Brenneke K. I agree, I got off the OP subject as well. 99. Feb 25, 2013 · Brenneke slugs are known for their unique design and excellent ballistic characteristics and really do get the job done. From Brenneke's linup that would be the Tactical Home Defense load. I have a winchester 1300 black shadow deer combo. Get free Ammo-Alerts in your email inbox! Be among the first to know when ammo prices drop. And it comes with an important safety factor for hunters: since it flies at a relatively slow speed a diverted slug can be heard easily. A classic hunting cartridge with ball load and felt wad, which can be used universally up to 50 m, in all current shotguns. Brenneke RBK125. Brenneke usa 20ga ko 2-3/4" 3/4oz. 12ga brenneke usa ammo 2. they shoot very well from this gun. 20 has a flat trajectory, dropping only 1. Posted by bayoudude on 12/17/09 at 1:46 pm to MsandLa Killed my first deer with a . I went out to Bass Pro today just looking around and I came across these Brenneke K. 12 Gauge 2-3/4in 1oz Slug Shotshells - 5 Rounds - A tremendous slug for deer-sized game, The K. Sad to so my supply of the old Original Brenneke is very limited anymore . Description. Field tests show these Slugs consistently group at 2" out to 100 yds. slugs , Dixie Slugs 12 gauge 3"  11 Sep 2017 Time for some Russian shotgun slug-caused destruction. Both do about 2-3 in at 50 or around 5-6 at 100 from my rifle sighted Remchoke 870's and 11-87. In situations with multiple threats requiring rapid fire, the reduced recoil keeps you on target. used in smooth or rifled bbls I sighted in the other day and took 4 different slugs; Rem Slugger 2. 3 out of 5 stars 39. 2-3/4" shell length. RE: Brenneke slugs I hunt with a buddy that exclusively uses Brennek slugs in his 870. It travels 1,600 fps and is bad medicine for whitetails. Boxes Per Case. Slug offers power and accuracy along with the confidence of a quick, clean takedown. 12 Gauge Ammo 3" 1 oz Sabot Slug ammo review offers the following information; Developed in the heart of the US out of Clinton Iowa, Brenneke USA Ammo was founded in 1895 and has taken the hunting world by storm ever since. The recoil of the black magic magnum was not as bad as I anticipated. Brenneke Classic foster style slugs are great in smooth bores. 1-1/8oz 33-48 of 282 results for "12 gauge slugs" Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Gauge: 20 Gauge; Type: Slug; Length 5rds - 12 Gauge Brenneke K. If it is suitable in that application, I am sure it will be fine on a cow elk standing broadside at 50 yards. 3. i like the brenneke gold. Brenneke slugs are known for their  24 Mar 2018 Brenekke KO slugs. 2 3/4" 1oz, Black Magic Short Magnum Slugs By adding this item to your WishList, you will be notified automatically via email when this item's price has dropped. BRENNEKE OF AMERICA, L. Brenneke Ammunition manufactures Shotgun Ammo and mostly known for their high quality personal protection slugs such as the Home Defense Tactical Slugs. 75", 3/4oz, Sabot Slug, 5rd Box Cases have Rottweil brenneke magnum and they were manufactured in Germany. you can't beat'em. Sabot Slug expands up to . Slug 20 Ga, 2. Modify Search. 70 at Triebel Onlineshop (EU) The following rounds are 3-inch 00-buck. gives you the safety of a quick and clean kill, even better as it is one of the least expensive slugs on the market. P. Brenneke 12 Gauge 2-3/4" Slug : Find out which online Ammo Shop has the best price, in-stock, right now. Meet online and gets your all problems solution online by baba ji :- Black magic can be a solutions for you, to get back your love. Suppressors. My current favorite is Brenneke's K. I really like the KO magnums. Your access to this website signifies your understanding of, consent to, and agreements with the terms and restrictions outlined on our legal notice page. recommend you DO NOT mix! w/mossberg 695-rifled barrel. The Brenneke K. , which has an attached plastic wad that works like the tail of a badminton bird to Brenneke GmbH is a German manufacturer of ammunition and bullets, based in Langenhagen, Lower Saxony. Slugs are designed for hunting large game, self-defense, and other uses. 75 & 3", Brennecke KO and Field Magnum (or something like that). got it Gauge:12 Gauge Type:2-3/4" foster type slug Slug Weight:1 oz Muzzle Velocity:1,650 fps Quantity Brenneke. At about 70 yards or so, the slugs become subsonic and are affected by turbulence. Box 1481; Clinton, Iowa 52733-1481; Phone: (800) 753 9733; Fax: (563) 244 7421; E-mail: [email protected] 75• Gauge: 12• Other Features:: Used In Smooth Or Rifled Bbls, Sep 27, 2014 · I had a saddle mount on a Rem. 12 GA 2-3/4” 1 oz. Using the current barrel, Winchester Super X 3" foster slugs have given me the best accuracy out of everything I've tried (Brenneke KO, Remington Slugger 2 3/4 and 3", Super X 2 3/4 and 3"), which is probably good enough but I just don't trust the bead sight. Our Sales staff cannot forecast price or availability of Wish List items. 99 ($1. Cost Range. Apparently the hunter was using Brenneke KO slugs. Rottweil offers several slug loads in 12, 20, and . Any rifled slug is fine in most chokes, but for accuracy cylinder or improved cylinder is usually the way to go. The problem was your sorry ordering site on which when I wanted to order a fourth item of the 20 gage slugs, try as I might it would not let me. The choke does  Brenneke K. 410 Bore 3" 1/4 oz Rifled Slug 5 Rou Brenneke Ammunition is made in Germany and offers a premium quality ammo products at low bargain sale prices. groups at 50 yards, 3 in. The Fox is middle of the road for both . Slug from Brenneke is more than just a slug, its a philosophy of real knockdown power. 1 oz. Original BRENNEKE slugs perfectly complement your rifle bullet assortment for universal use. Like all other Brenneke Usa 12ga Ko Slug; More Views. Shipping Restriction: Currently we are not able to ship this product to the following state (s). 9" upon penetration-Muzzle Velocity:1550 FPS Brenneke USA Brenneke Green Lightning Heavy Field Short Magnum 12 Ga, 2. Anybody know anything? K. That is not the problem. Gauge. These are some of the heaviest 20-gauge slugs on the market, with built-in knockdown power and an effective range of 90+ yards. The expanding hollow point design of the Brenneke K. Totally different animals. Nothing spectacular, but good enough for my purposes. We have low prices and a great selection on all Shotgun Ammo. CleanSpeed Plus für Selbstladeflinten (Kaliber 12/67,5) für 80,50 Euro im Online Shop für Patronen für Flinten Brenneke12/70 ATS Slug 27,5g. If you are not interested, sorry I bothered you. 99 I have not shot the K. re: 20 gauge slugs for deer hunting. Hunters today have everything from A-Z to pick from to use to hunt with. Brenneke KO slugs if its a rifled slug you dont want to use it in a rifled barrel. 12-29-2017, 09:42 PM #17 Why should 12-gauge shooters get all the breaks? Now, the performance and attractive pricing that have made Brenneke's K. Shot Shell Steel Case: Slugs Case: BREN KO 12GA 2 3/4 5. 410 slug when I was 9yrs old. Sounds like shooting them in a rifled barrel is a good option for you as I doubt you would need many follow-up shots with that kind of accuracy and killing power of the slug. I wanted a hard-cast slug and currently have the Brenneke Rottweil slugs loaded. Sabot Slug Ammo. 2-3/4" R&R Arms JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Browning’s new rifled slug comes in a 1-ounce, 2 ¾-inch load. 8 MOA 5 shot group at 50 yards. 55 fps) in the 16 Nov 18, 2016 · I have experimented with slugs for over 30 years because I wanted to improve the performance of the police-style riot gun. 410. Brenneke Slugs: Wall Penetration Test - Duration: 12 Gauge Rifled Slugs Plywood Penetration Test - Duration: Aug 15, 2008 · Brenneke slugs are not new. Brenneke KO's - not as good as the Remingtons, but was able to group them anywhere from 1-3", good enough to hit the paper target 80-90% of the time. December 4th, 2009, 04:47 AM Brenneke Ko Sabot Slug 12 Gauge, 3" (Per 5) K. $1. Sign up for price alert. Email to a Friend. Aug 02, 2019 · 1- brenneke KO 1oz 2. Brenneke USA makes shotgun slug ammo to suit any application. I took a few of boxes of 3" 12 Ga. 98 a box of five in 12 ga. Be the first to review this product. Not to belabor a point, I thought it might interest someone to know that the local Dick's is having a sale on Brenneke KO slugs. 1oz. We've gathered the best Brenneke Slugs discounts & best prices from top websites. 75” low recoil tactical trueball Dixi triball 3” mags are awesome. UnderTenReviews BRENNEKE Special Forces Slug vs ENGINE and MORE! - Duration: 11:09. 11-87. This offers massive energy transfer as well as deep penetration and expansion. Brenneke USA K. 63 Diameter Slug With Red Plastic Wad - 58% More Frontal Area Than Standard . Available: 27 . 75" 1 oz Rifled Slug 5 Round B Brenneke USA . Trulock Choke Tubes – BOAR BLASTER – 00 and 000 at 50 Yards. The K. , making it an ideal  Brenneke K. If you are looking for maximum performance, check out Aug 21, 2008 · Brenneke's new reduced-recoil Tactical Home Defense slugs give you incredible short-range stopping power and a level of control and accuracy not common in regular slugs. I didn't use a sabot as I have a smooth barrel. 20ga will do fine. Unfortunately sabots are pricy, but I shoot 1 oz 2&3/4 inch Remington coppersolids. In addition to covering the various Springfield Armory pistols we also have large sections dedicated to other various firearms such as the: M1911, M1A, M14, AK-47 (and other AK rifles), AR's and many more. I noticed that Brenneke also makes a KO slug. Buy online now. May 07, 2015 · BLACK MAGIC VASHIKARAN SPECIALIST BABA. 's down • Boxes Per Case: 50• Shells Per Box: 5• Shot Size: Slug• Ounces Of Shot: 1• Dram Or Velocity: 1600 fps. I have taken alot of deer with them as well,with most dropping in thier tracks. Mar 17, 2018 · And unlike most sabot slugs that trade power for accuracy, the massive frontal area of the Brenneke TOPAS slug still delivers a substantial shock to a game animal. round, in 12 gauge, has a 2-34 shell loaded with a 1 oz sl for sale by AJGUNSNSTUFF on GunsAmerica - 932050324 Mar 22, 2020 · Looking to buy some 12g federal 2 3/4” 00 buck, Also brenneke KO or THD slugs. is one of Brenneke's less expensive slug cartridges. Will Go Where You Aim It…From Rifled Or smoothbore Oct 09, 2008 · brenneke has several types of slugs. Brenneke slug orderfeedback. Product Description. 20 Gauge Première mise en ligne : 15 janvier 2019 Dernière mise à jour : 16 janvier 2019 Téléchargé pour la dernière fois : il y a 9 heures Sep 22, 2010 · Brenneke Green Lighting Slug By Gary Lewis Designed to be used in both rifled and smoothbore slug barrels, the Green Lightning Heavy Field Short Magnum delivers a 1 1/4-ounce lead projectile with a muzzle velocity of 1,476 fps and 1,606 ft/lbs of energy at 50 yards. Sabot Slug creates a 5-shot group under 2-1/2" at 55 yards. Archery; Barrels; Black Powder Brenneke rifled slugs shoot well in smooth bores but not at a level you want. I assume that this is a chain, so the deal should be available in every Dick's store. com Brenneke USA Magnum Ammunition 410 Bore 3" 1/4 oz Silver Rifled Slu Our Price: $ 8. 75" shotgun shells. 9”, you name it, the K. I like Brenneke rifled slugs, and shoot a Bennelli M1 tachtical. 's yet but I have shot alot of other brands out of my 870 and the regular brenneke's shot the best groups for me. The Foster and the Brenneke are effective out to about 100 yards. Actually, the Brenneke slug design has been produced in one form or another since 1898, but the brand shown has been around 10 to 15 years. 2 3/4" 1oz. Available calibers. O slugs that can be fired through smooth or rifled bore shotguns. Brenneke offers full-bore slugs in the same gauges as well as the Foster-like K. 410 Slugs – TriStar Viper G2. 598 . Find your best price for Brenneke 12 Gauge Ammo shotgun | Best Brenneke 12 Gauge Ammunition shotgun - AmmoSeek. 25 Feb 2013 In this video we show the capabilities of Brenneke slugs when shot through three common exterior walls. But one deer from each gun means two slugs if all goes as Brenneke Ko Slugs 20 Gauge 3/4Oz 2 3/4" Ammunition Md: SL-202Ko-2009827 Why Should 12-Gauge Shooters Get All The breaks? Now, The Performance And Attractive pricIng That Have Made Brenneke’S K. groups at 100 yards with smoothbore barrels Brenneke 12 Ga. My 20 guage smooth bore cyl choke will hold a 2" group at 100 yds. ™ got it. For safety's sake Brenneke KO 1oz Slug 12 Gauge 2 3/4" $6. Beyond that, you run into several problems. How to say Brenneke in English? Pronunciation of Brenneke with 2 audio pronunciations and more for Brenneke. 6", 6. 75" 1 1/4oz, 5rd/Box Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Federal Tru-ball Foster style slugs or Brenneke KO's. slug. got it. 5 Rounds Per Box. I believe I will order a box of each of the Brenneke slugs I mentioned above. Brenneke has been producing superior quality shotgun shells for over 100 years, whether it’s hunting Brenneke rifled slugs still use felt and fiber wads, and are suitable for use in smooth or rifled shotgun barrels. They're Brenneke for crying out loud. I've have yet to see Brenneke classic (not KO) slugs shoot poorly in any gun. As a general rule open chokes are recommended for all slugs but aren’t absolutely necessary. 9”, you name it, the K. 5 per box For smooth and rifled barrel The Brenneke K. Ammunition For Shotguns Brenneke 12GA BRENNEKE USA 12 GA KO 1 OZ. Work well with smooth bores, too. Brenneke makes another 20 gauge 2 3/4” slug thats almost double that at dealer cost . These slugs work in both smoothbore and rifled barrels and turn your shotgun into a potential deer gun. Brenneke were the ground breaking slug way back in the days of getting away from the traditional punkin ball design and introduced the wasp stlye design slug with a plastic base insert and sabot I found back in the 70's. Available calibers; 12/76 (39,0 g /600 grs) 20/76 (28,4 g Brenneke Magnum 20-Gauge Slug Shotshells If you're looking for precise, hard-hitting 20-gauge 3" slugs, Brenneke® Magnum Slug Shotshells are the perfect choice for any kind of deer hunting. dropped deer @ 80 with the golds. But if you haven't shot them lately, get your hands on some now. TAOFLEDERMAUS is at it again, and tearing up the shooting range with some  26 Aug 2011 Slugs - download this royalty free Vector in seconds. 1600 out ouf the muzzel, but, on the front of the box it says"for smooth and rifled barrels" how can this be???? has any one shot these out of a rifle barrel??? I use nothing but brenneke slugs in my riffled shotgun barrel. +91-9549918218 ONE PHONE CALL WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I just sighted in a new red dot scope using brenneke rottweil 12 gauge 2 3/4" slugs. Buy now: BRENNEKE Slugs 12/67,5 K. As a matter of fact, when I moved the target back to 100 yards, the KO didn't even hit the paper. 60" 5-shot groups. We carry the full line of ammo for sale from Brenneke USA Ammunition. It really likes the Brenneke KO slugs & seems to do well w/ the Brenneke Green lightning slugs. Oct 06, 2018 · Brenneke . , Making It An Ideal Deer Load at Medium Ranges. 9" - Excellent Penetration - Superb Foster and Brenneke style slugs have been around since the 1930's and are called "rifled slugs" because of grooves in the sides. Their 2 3/4" 12 gauge slug weighs 1 1/4 ounce, and their 3" Magnum 20 gauge slug weighs a full 1 ounce. 75" 1 oz Rifled Slug 5 Ro Brenneke USA . These slugs are powerful, they pound the shoulder, and they get the job done. This load is compatible with smooth-bore shotguns. They are optimized for shorter range performance and use a low-recoil load that is less likely to overpenetrate and harm bystanders or property while still stopping a threat quickly and decisively. The positive reputation of slugs for bear defense is a result of the Brenneke slug. That is what I go with when I am hunting in the Shotgun Zone. Brenneke KO Sabot Slugs to the range, and tried them out. Best Wishes: K. is an ideal deer load and offers superb accuracy at medium ranges. Find brenneke 12 gauge ammo for sale online, in-stock and ready-to-ship at AmmoFreedom. Mar 24, 2018 · Brenekke KO slugs. These shells are precision made, so you can expect exceptional performance in the field at a very reasonable price. JPG 2,592 × 1,944; 2. Neither the black magic or green lightning are reduced recoil. Slug Ammo Details. XDtalk. com is the Internet's largest XD & XD(m) community. A tremendous slug for deer-sized game, The K. Brenneke 3-inch, 1-1/8 ounce Super Sabot. Green Lightning slugs are power personified with muzzle energy greater than many centerfire cartridges. I am very impressed with Brenneke shotgun slugs. Brenneke Super Sabot slugs are loaded with an interesting, lead-free projectile and are intended for use in fully rifled barrels. The first effective modern shotgun slug was introduced by Wilhelm Brenneke in 1898, and his design remains in use today. com: Manufacturer Part Number: SL122KO: Item Number: A120970: UPC: 4030128120973 The same exceptional knockdown power that distinguishes every Brenneke slug is built into the K. To 75 yards they have become extremely accurate. Target Sports USA . Lead 12 Gauge 2. Although I didn't really do a truly comprehensive test, I did fire a total of three 3 shot groups, after zeroing at 75 yards. 12GA BRENNEKE USA AMMO 2. 1. Brenneke Usa 12ga Ko Slug. slug whistling toward your target carrying massive knockdown power Brenneke Shotshells K. However, the recoil was quite brutal. ™ got it. ™ gives you the safety of a quick and clean kill, even better as it is one of the least expensive slugs on the market. 2 3/4" 3/4 Oz Sabot Slug Md: SL202Ko The Same Exceptional Knockdown Power That distinguishes Every Brenneke Slug Is Built Into The K. brenneke ko slugs

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